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Welcome to Norway’s Reproducibility Network!

Norwegian Reproducibility Network (NORRN) is a peer-led consortium located in Norway. It follows an organisational format adopted internationally as nationwide “Reproducibility Networks”. NORRN collaborates with the other Reproducibility Networks whilst remaining a unique and independent community.

Our mission

NORRN aims to promote and enable rigorous, robust and transparent research practices in Norway. We attempt to achieve this goal by establishing appropriate training activities, designing, and evaluating research improvement efforts, disseminating best practices, and working with stakeholders to ensure coordination of efforts across the sector. NORRN’s activities span multiple levels, including researchers, librarians, institutions, and other stakeholders (e.g., funders and public authorities).

Please review our Terms of Reference and Code of Conduct.

Contributors needed:

We are currently looking for representatives of academic and research institutions across Norway to join the NORRN and contribute to projects on local and national scale. Our network welcomes contributions from researchers at all academic levels from all research disciplines, librarians, lab and research managers, research and academic educators as well as representatives of societies, associations and grant funding organisations. Get in touch with us directly via email.

Staying informed:

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Steering Committee

Local and Institutional Leads

BI Local Node Lead
Erik Løhre
BI Institutional Lead
Joke Verwaard
HiØ Local Node Lead
Tamara Kalandadze
HVL Local Node Lead
Max Korbmacher
NTNU Local Node Lead
Ane Møller Gabrielsen
UiB Local Node Lead
Sebastian Bjørkheim
UiT Local Node Lead
Aili Sarre
ONH Local Node Lead
Peder Isager
UiO Local Node Lead
Agata Bochynska


Do you have questions about NORRN? Do you want to join the discussion, or volunteer to help out? Please feel free to join/contact us in any of the following ways: